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Working from home


I’m lucky enough to have a job which lets me work from home from time to time. There is something quite decadent replying to emails in your pyjamas! A few of my team work from home on a regular weekly basis but I just do it from time to time. So when I was contacted to chat about AXA‘s new competition about work for home, I was more than happy to chat about my experience of working from…

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Lochs and Glens

MoL Shoot (2 of 8)

For the second year running, the husband and I spent a week in Dunoon – a small coastal town on the shores of the Clyde. The quickest way to Dunoon is by ferry which for me is always exciting – not matter how many times I do it!

This time my family – mum, brother, sister and brother-in-law – joined us and we stayed in Toward (pronounced tollard as I was corrected!) – a small village about 6…

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Pinspiration: Look Three

Becky and I have been doing this challenge for three months now, so hopefully you know the drill (but look here if you don’t). It was Becky’s turn to choose this month and she went for this outfit:


source here

Here is my interpretation of it. Before we see the pictures, my photographer is currently in-between cameras (he’s purchasing a new super dooper one which has a waiting list) so you’ll…

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Through the looking glass

Through the looking glass

So I’ve been a bit slack on updating the blog. I missed my 4th anniversary and everything! The reasons why? Well, busy real life workload, my photographer deciding to change direction (into video!!) and a general lack of oomph!

If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen my outfits – snapped in my bedroom mirror. I decided to put them all together in one post just to see if it re-en-lights my…

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How to make your perfect Japanese inspired bedroom

How to make your perfect Japanese inspired bedroom


The Japanese culture – I love everything about it. The quirkiness, the bright colours, the characters; nothing quite says carefree like Japanese inspired music, television and fashion. You only have to look at the latest Avril Lavigne videoto see just how much fun the ‘Hello Kitty’ craze is – Canadian singer Avril was so inspired by our favourite little bobtail cat that she wrote a whole song…

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A tale of fancy dress and broken legs

A tale of fancy dress and broken legs ft @joke_co_uk


Back in early March I was contacted by the lovely folks at Jokers’ Masquerade to see if I wanted to review one of their fancy dress costumes. I love fancy dress but have never been able to find anything to fit me. For occasions like Halloween, I’ve always ended up making my own outfits. I picked the wartime officer’s uniform – envisioning myself heading off to one of the Blitz party events.


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Pinspiration: look two

Me and @MrsBeBe_ are dressing the same again - take a look! Pinspiration: look two

As I mentioned last month, Becky and I have come up with a new monthly challenge. Each month, we alternate picking an outfit from pinterest which has sparked our interest. We then try and copy the outfit as closely as we can.

This month it was my choice, and as we are both massive kimono addicts (we’ve started the #kimonoklub on twitter) I just had to pick something featuring one. So I have…

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Guest Post: Fashion vs poker

Guest Post: Fashion vs poker

As I’m super busy with a few new plans for this blog, I decided to open it up to guest writers. My first guest writer is Brian Allen. He is an online writer with a penchant for fashion who lives with his girlfriend and two dogs. He wanted to talk about the unlikely combination of fashion and poker! Sounds interesting right? Over to Brian to explain more:

Who said you couldn’t design clothes and…

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Blogger Challenge: Capsule Holiday Wardrobe

Blogger Challenge: Capsule Holiday Wardrobe with @mandco_fashion

M&Co contacted me recently and asked me to come up with a capsule holiday wardrobe using items from their holiday collection. The catch being it had to be under £100!

The items I have picked will form part of my capsule holiday wardrobe rather than being ALL of it. So here’s what I’ve picked:

  trousers mcoFirst up I’ve gone for these cropped linen trousers. Linen is perfect for hot weather – its cool and…

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